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Welcome to...
                 A Center of Independent Wellness Professionals

  Providing a better way to a healthier you. 



 Please peruse our website to learn more about our unique Center and our distinguished Independent Wellness Professionals. 




Our wellness center is here to provide the community with a strong resource for holistic health and alternative therapies. Many of the clients who visit our center have found that the traditional model of healthcare is very limited and they desire a different perspective, as well as more treatment options. We can fill this role by having diverse holistic health clinicians that enjoy matching their skills with those of other disciplines in co-managing client's health needs. How can we help you today?

If you have any questions or desire to make an appointment with any of our
distinguished Independent Wellness Professionals, please contact them by use of their listed information in the Center Directory or call (864) 675-5703.


Are You Ready

To Stop Smoking?


We can help you achieve your goal easily and effectively!



Call now to enjoy all of the benefits of our unique stop smoking program.


If you're ready to stop smoking, you can schedule your session online today. Just Click Here. 



Our stop smoking program has a success rate of

about 95%*...

Can you get that kind of success with any other



*Success rates are based upon the rate of client return for follow-up visits and their self-reported abstinence from smoking. While these are extremely good results, you should be aware that your situation and desire for success may be different and that will effect your individual success rate.



Hypnosis is a safe, effective and natural way to reprogram the mind to achieve our personal desires. When an individuals has tried many times to quit a bad habit or implement a new goal, but find themselves falling short of their plans, hypnosis can help. Hypnosis works by balancing the desires of the conscious with the needs of the subconscious mind; it works to balance the disconnect that often exists between our desires and our needs.

Some effective uses for hypnosis include:

Stop Smoking

Stress Reduction

Feeling Down

Remove Fears


Public Speaking

Anger Issues



Test Anxiety


Weight Loss



Habit Removal


Stage Fright

Women’s Issues


Improved Mood

Children’s Issues

Sports Performance

 Medically-Referred Issues*:

Pain Management


Abuse Issues

Drug Abuse

Alcohol Abuse



Sexual Issues

 *Please note: For your safety, we require a note from your primary care provider before working with any medically-diagnosed issues.


Achieve your ideal healthy weight

with our

 new Weight4Wellness 

Weight Removal Program today.


Want to learn more about our unique

 approach to Weight Management?  

Click Here.



WANTED: Holistic Health Practitioner

Are you a holistic practitioner looking for a place to practice?

We have an office space for the right practitioner to join our team of Independent Wellness Professionals. The office space is approximately 15x11 and the rent includes all utilities; just right for a Massage Therapist or other Holistic Health Practitioner. Please contact Dr. Kramer at (864) 675-5703 or via email at for further information.

A Better Way Wellness Center, LLC

A Center of Independent Wellness Professionals
150 Milestone Way, Suite A
Greenville, South Carolina 29615
(864) 675-5703